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Simply Stars, Quilts That Sparkle by Alex Anderson (1996)

Fun, Fast, Fusies by Freida L. Anderson (2005) 

Butterflies and Blooms by Carol Armstrong (2002)

Darling Little Dogs by Darcy Ashton (2004)





Cups and Saucers by Maaike Bakker (2000) 

3 D Folded Blocks by Geesje Baron (2010)

Quiltmaking by Hand by Jinny Beyer (2004) 

Prairie Flower A Year on the Plains (A Kansas City Star Book) by Barbara Brackman (2001)

Katie's Garden by Barbara Brandenburg (1997)

Folk Art Animals by Janet Carija Brandt (1998)

Easy Batik Landscape Quilts by Patricia L. Brown (2011) 

Applique Basics (Flower Wreaths) by Karen Kay Buckley (2000)

A Laurel Burch Christmas by Laurel Burch (2004)

Baltimore Garden Quilt by Barbara M. Burnham (2012) 

Wild Goose Chase Quilts by Eleanor Burns (2001)

Double Pinwheel by Eleanor Burns (1999)

New Fangled Piecing by Cathy Busch (2014)





Another Can of Worms by Debbie Caffrey (2006)

Power Cutting, Too by Debbie Caffrey (2004)

Scraps to You, Too by Debbie Caffrey (2000)

Winning Stitches by Elsie M. Campbell (2004)

Invisible Machine Applique by Dawn Cameron-Dick (2000)

Just Around the Corner: Quilts With Easy Mitered Borders by Kari M. Carr (2011)

Easy Star Sampler by Roxanne Carter (1998) 

Learn to Be a Wacky-Star Quilting Wizard by Linda Causee (2002)

365 Foundation Quilt Blocks by Linda Causee (2006) 

101 Log Cabin Blocks by Linda Causee (1997)

Fabric Embellishing by Ruth Chandler (2009)

Quilts for Kids by Lisa Christensen (1997)

The Ultimate Book of Quilt Labels by Margo J. Clabo (1998)

(DVD) Sally Collins Teaches You Precision Piecing by Sally Collins (2007) 

Borders, Bindings and Edges by Sally Collins (2004)

Twist 'N Turn by Sharyn Craig (1996)

Quilt Toppings: Fun and Fancy EmbellishmentTechniques by Melody Crust (2005)





101 Applique Blocks by Nancy Brenan Daniel (2002)

Art Quilt Workbook by Jane Davila (2007)

Paper Pieced Curves by Jodie Davis (2000)

Hill and Valley Log Cabin by Robert De Carli (2012)

Fast and Fun First Quilts by Sara Diepersloot (2011)

Simple Style Easy Weekend Quilts by Sara Diepersloot (2009)

Patterns of History: The Challenge of Winners by Kathy Delaney (2005) 

Star Quilt III Hearts and Flowers by Kathy Delaney (2002)

T Shirt Quilts Made Easy by Martha Deleonardis (2012)

Bed and Breakfast Quilts by Mimi Dietrich (2003)

Bright & Bold Paper-Pieced Blocks by Carol Doak (2002)

Easy Paper-Pieced Miniatures by Carol Doak (1998)

Sulky Secrets to Successful Quilting! by Joyce Drexler (2000)

Sulky Secrets to Successful Stabilizing by Joyce Drexler (1998)





Jelly Roll Quilts & More by Kimberly Einmo (2010)

Precut Bonanza by Kimberly Einmo (2012)

Breit Quilts to Applique by Mary Engelbreit (2009)

Quilted Comforts for the Home by Mary Engelbreit (2003)

Picture Piecing by Cynthia England (2002) 

Quilts From Aunt Amy by Mary Etherington (1999)





Glorious Patchwork by Kaffe Fassett (1997) 

Lillibet's garden by Beth Ferrier (2006)

Creative Sewing: Techniques by Machine by Nancy Fiedler (2010) 

More Creative Sewing by Nancy Fieldler (2012)

Paper Quilts by Sandra Lounsbury Foose (2007)

Quilted Diamonds by Linda Franz (2004)

New Continuous-Line Quilting Designs by Laura Lee Fritz (2011)





Quilt Savvy by Diane Gaudyski (2006)

Guide to Machine Quilting by Diane Gaudynski (2002) 

Press for Success by Myrna Giesbrecht (1996)

Setting Up Your Sewing Space by Myrna Giesbrecht (1996)

Contemporary Machine Embroidery by Deborah Gonet (1996)

Sewing on the Line: Fast and Easy Foundation Piecing by Lesley-Claire Greenberg (1993)

3-D Explosion by Cara Gulati (2004)





Amazing Ways to Use Circles & Rays by Renae Haddadin (2010)

New York Beauty Diversified by Linda Hahn (2013)

Rock That Quilt Block by Linda J. Hahn (2015)

Patchwork Pantry: Preserving a Tradition with Quilts and Recipes by Suzette Halferty (1996)

The Experts' Guide to Foundation Piecing by Jane Hall (2006)

Foundation Quilts Building on the Past by Jane Hall & Dixie Haywood (2000)

Creating Your Perfect Quilting Space by Lois L. Hallock (2005) 

Big Block Quilts by Michelle Hansen (2008)

Cutting Corners by Joan Hanson (2003)

Mariner's Medallion by M'Lliss Rae Hawley (1999) 

Fat Quarter Quilts by M'Lliss Rae Hawley (1999)

More Fat Quarters by M'Lliss Rae Hawley (2001)

Mi Amor Legacy Applique by Margarete Heinisch (2014)

Stained Glass Quilts Made Easy by Amy Whalen Helmkamp (2000) 

More William Morris Applique by Michelle Hill (2012)

App is for Applique by Dianne S. Hire (2013)

Big 'n Easy by Judy Hopkins (2005)

501 Rotary Cut Quilt Blocks by Judy Hopkins (2008) 

Spectacular Scraps by Judy Hooworth (2001)

Quick Quilts Using Quick Bias by Gretchen Hudock (2002) 

Quilts from Grandmothers Garden by Jaynette Huff (2005) 

For the Birds by Jaynette Huff (2001)

Stash Magic by Jaynette Huff (2009)





A Thimbleberries Housewarming by Lynette Jensen (2000)

Fast, Fun & Easy Fabric Bowls (2003) 

Stars by Magic by Nancy Johnson Srebro (2004)





Quilts With Attitude by Deb Karasik (2009)

A Folded Fabric Elegance by Rami Kim (2007)

Elegant Cotton, Wool, Silk Quilts by Rami Kim (2012)

The Border Workbook by Janet Kime (1997)

Art + Quilt by Lyric Kinard (2009)

Small Blocks, Stunning Blocks by Mary Elizabeth Kinch (2009)

Quick Diamond Quilts & Beyond by Jan Krentz (2010)





Nine-Patch Extravaganza by Judy L. Laquidara(2007) 

Rose of Sharon by Linda Lasco (2007)

Machine Embroidery Quilts by Jennifer Lokey (2004)

Calendar Girls by Judith Lester (2006)

Classic Quilts With Precise Foundation Piecing by Tricia Lund (1996)





Shadow Quilts by Patricia Maixner Magaret (1999)

Pairing Up (2 Block Quilts) by Nancy Mahoney (2003) 

Quilted Holiday Accents by Chris Malone (2003)

Flying High: The Airplane in Quilts by Ragi Marino (1994) 

Liberated Medallion Quilts by Gwen Marston (2012) 

Liberated Quiltmaking II by Gwen Marston (2010)

Free Range Triangles by Gwen Marston and Cathy Jones (2015)

Mariner's Compass Quilts by Judy Mathieson (2005)

Scraps by Judy Martin (2006)

The Block Book by Judy Martin (1998)

Two-Color Quilts by Nancy J. Martin (1998) 

Fast Fusible Quilts by Terry Martin (2001) 

Snowflake Follies by Terry Martin (2003)

Fantasy Fabrics by Bonnie Lyn McCaffery (1999)

Stars & Stepping Stones by Marsha McCloskey (1996)

Wedding Ring, Pickle Dish & More: Paper Piecing Curves by Carolyn Cullinan McCormick (2010)

No-Stress Paper Piecing by Carolyn Cullinan McCormick (2007) 

Pieced Flowers by Ruth McDowell (2000)

Ruth B. McDowell's Design Workshop by Ruth B. McDowell (2007)

Creating Texture with Textiles by Linda F. McGehee (1998)

Baltimore's Country Cousins by Susan McKelvey (2006)

Easy Pieces by Margaret J. Miller (1998)

Quilting on The Go by Suzanne McNeill (2009)

Hearts A Plenty by Lynda Milligan (2001)

Just Can't Cut It! by Pamela Mostek (2002) 

Cut-Loose Quilts by Jan Mullen (2001) 

Jacket Jazz by Judy Murrah (1994)

More jazz by Judy Murrah (1996)





Fast, Fun, & Fabulous Quilts by Suzanne Nelson (1996)

Not Your Grandmother's Log Cabin by Sara Nephew (2009)

Learn to do hand Piecing in Just One Day by Sharon Newman (1997) 

Wonderful 1 Fabric Quilts by Kay Nickols (2007)





Cut and Shuffle by Jan Ochterbeck (2015)

Wildflower Album by Bea Oglesby (2000)

Two-Block Applique Quilts by Claudia Olson (2004)





Freehand Filler patterns by Sue Patten (2006)

Reversible Quilts by Sharon Pederson (2002)

Color From the Heart by Gai Perry (1999)

Quilts Without Corners Encore by Cheryl Phillips (2009)

Stars in the Garden by Piece 0' Cake Designs (1998)

The Bargello Quilt by Piecemakers (1992)





Quilting Up a Storm by Lydia Quigley (1996)





Teddy Bear Redwork by Jan Rapacz (2003) 

Creative Techniques for Wearables by Jenny Raymond (2004)

More Quilts for Baby by Ursula Reikes (1997)

Celtic Geometric Quilts by Camille Remme (1996)

Magic Stack-N-Whack Quilts by Bethany S. Reynolds (1997) 

Stack-n-Whackipedia by Bethany S. Reynolds (2008)

Storm at Sea by Jackie Robinson (1999) 

Favorites by Jackie Robinson (2000)





Triangle Tricks by Sally Schneider (2003)

Traditional Quilts with Painless Borders by Sally Schneider (1997) 

Celebrating the quilt by Sally Schneider (1996)  

Paper Pieced Stained Glass Garden Stars by Liz Schwartz & Stephen Seifert (2001)

Scallops Sew Easy by Marie Seroskie (2007)

Infinite Feathers by Anita Shackelford (2002)

Redwork Embellished by Joan Shay (2013)

Batiks and Beyond by Laurie 3. Shifrin (2003)

App is for Applique by Dianne Shire (2013)

9-Patch Pizzazz by Judy Sisneros (2006)

Perfect-Fit Pieced Borders by Sheila Sinclair Snyder (2011)

Time for a Chain by Nancy Smith & Linda Milligan (1997)

Nickel Quilts by Pat Speth (2002)

Watercolor Magic by Deanna Spingola (1996)

Jump-Start Your Quilting by Jeanne Stauffer (2011)

Karen K. Stone Quilts by Karen K. Stone (2004)

The Story of Beaded Embellishment by Mary Stori (2001) 

A New Twist on Triangles by Mary Sue Suit (1999)





Pathways to Better Quilting by Sally Terry (2010)

Scrappy Duos by Donna Lynn Thomas (2000)

A Perfect Match by Donna Lynn Thomas (1998) 

Petite Garden Quilts by Zena Thorpe (2014)





Mirror Manipulation by Gail Valentine (1996)





Creative Curves Book by Virginia A. Walton (2009) 

Quilts of the Southwest by Michelle Watts (2005)

Relax and Quilt by Patricia Wilens (1998)

Great American Quilts by Patricia Wilens (1999)

Scrap Quilts Fast and Fun by Patricia Wilens (1997) 

Make Your Own Quilting Designs & Patterns by Judy Woodworth (2012)





Tradition with a Twist by Blanche Young & Dalene Young Stone (1996)





Nature's Journey by Jane Zilmer (2013)

The Quitter's Edge by Darlene Zimmerman (2005)





Quilting Caveman Style - Ricky Tims (DVD)

The Christmas Quilt byJennifer Chiaverini (2007) 

The Quilt Show 4th Season with Ricky Tims & Alex Anderson (DVD)

The Sugar Camp Quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini (2005)

The Quilter's Homecoming by Jennifer Chiaverini (2007) 

The Union Quitter by Jennifer Chiaverini (2011)

The Lost Quitter by Jennifer Chiaverini (2009)

The Winding Ways Quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini (2008) 

The Master Quilter by Jennifer Chiaverini (2004)

The Quilting Kitchen by Jennifer Chiaverini (2008) 

The Runaway Quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini (2002) 

The Quitter's Legacy by Jennifer Chiaverini (2003)

Elm Creek Quilts - First 3 novels in the series by Jennifer Chiaverini (1999-2001)

Sisters of the Quilt by Cindy Windsmat (2010)

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