QUILT OF VALOR WORKDAY - Come join us for a quilt of valor workshop day at the Thompson House. Kits will be cut and ready for you to sew or you may bring your own quilt of valor to work on.  The block we will be using is "Party Hats" and will begin at 9 a.m.  If you cannot attend, we should have extra kits and will need help to finish the quilts with sashing, posts, and borders of your choice.  Please come join us for a fun day of working together toward a common goal to award our military personnel at our Quilt Show.  Any questions, call Phyllis Price or Christine Hammit.

QUILT OF VALOR PROGRAM - The night program will cover the mission of QOV and show off the work that was done earlier that day. The QOV mission is to cover service members and veterans with comforting and healing quilts of valor.  Our program will cover all aspects of Quilts of Valor and will be presented by Lona Schwab, Wanda Doehne, and Phyllis Price.  If you have a quilt of valor that you have made, please bring them for show and tell.  It will be inspiring to see how many we have so far and the diverse quilts. 

February 12th 

Chalk Couture with Sonia Cantu. We will be looking at a new medium to add to our quilts with the very popular chalk couture. Learn about printing on fabrics and boards to decorate your quilts and your home.

March 12th 

April 9th


Creating your own landscape or abstract art quilt seems intimidating to most.  Lola has taken the fear out of landscape quilting with this class called Fantasy Collage.  You do not have to go through the traditional method of choosing a picture and making a pattern, instead Lola will teach you how to tap into your childhood imagination using the spontaneous side of your brain to make spectacular fantasy landscape collages.  Most students believe that they do not have any creativeness in them.  This class will teach you step-by-step how to tap into that resource that is lying dormant.  Starting out with a variety of printed fabric, Lola will guide you through her step by step approach to making a beautiful collage by teaching the students:  how to consider size of elements, how to choose elements of nature to include in the project, and how to capture the essence of their idea in an imaginative and spontaneous fashion.  Using Lola’s method students will be able to unlock the secrets of making complicated collages in no time flat.  The inner child will be awakened.  In addition students will learn how to use a variety of different products to enhance their work. Most students will leave with completed fantasy collage top appx. 11 x 17. No sewing machine required. $35.00 per student and $10.00 for lunch.  5 student min 20 student max. $20 Kits available. Kits are optional and include all fabric, batting, and workshop fee.  (Over 30-40 different fabrics to choose from)..  No sewing machine required. See some class examples below

Fantasy landscape 1.PNG
fantasy landscape 2.PNG
Fantasy landscape 3.PNG

Quilter’s Picnic and Ruby Jubilee Challenge Quilt Reveal

July 13th

Our 40th anniversary quilt show “Ruby Jubilee”at the brand new Midland Convention Center. There will be appraisals, hand made market items, a silent auction, vendors, and of course QUILTS. We will have some special quilt exhibits for viewing as well including a very special Quilt of Valor display. These quilts are to honor our service men and women and will include a quilt awarding ceremony for the quilt recipients.

October 4-5th